Drinking in the Dark

Drinking in the Dark is back! The seats are limited, as this exclusive event seats only 8 guests!

Join us for the Drinking in the Dark event with Beefeater 24 on Tuesday the 19th of February at 7pm!

Tickets will go on sale on Eventbrite at the beginning of each month.

Beefeater 24 Gin invites you to awaken your senses for a night of drinking in the dark. Create the ultimate Gin & Tonic using all of your senses..except one: sight. Through a heightened sensory experience, you are blindfolded and guided in making your own Gin & Tonic while learning all about the influence of botanicals and the importance of all senses when creating gin, particularly Beefeater Gin.

Upon arrival, guests will be led through our venue to a designated area – Table24. Here, they will be given a blindfold and a nose peg. Bespoke Beefeater 24  G&Ts will be served throughout the event while our experts give short presentations on Beefeater – both before and after the experience while highlighting the importance of utilizing the senses when creating the perfect Gin.

We also offer private Drinking in the Dark events for up to 8 guests on Monday to Wednesday evenings. Contact us on welcome@housedublin.ie or 01 905 9090 for further information.

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